1) What are your delivery times?
Answer : As soon as the order is placed with the respective payment you will receive an email confirmation from our site. Delivery times may vary depending on product availability. If it is ready for delivery by 3-7 days. Conversely, instead, also more than 30 days.
2) Who are our couriers?
Answer : Bartolini and SDA. Both in Italy and abroad.
3) Do rendered?
Answer : Yes, only in cases where the game should arrive at their destination damaged severely.
4) What are the methods of payment do you accept?

Answer : Bank transfer to Paradise Inflatable Srl IBAN: IT 03 O 02008 04030 000 011 146 103 or by paper pay pall.

Pay Pall is one of the leading payment systems used on the Web to make payments safely without having to reveal the number of your credit card. If you want to learn how to make payment by Paypal, you must first connect to the Internet site of PayPal and log in to your account by entering your login information (email address and password) on the top left and click on the Login button.

PayPal enables payments also by credit card or debit card to all users who do not yet have an account and need to execute payments through the service. All in a safe and super-simple. Below we list the module that you face in payment computer.

  • Select the key: pay with a card
  • At this point you will see the screen below, you will need scgliere circuit card in your possession, enter the required data and proceed with the transaction.


5) If the package arrives damaged to who should I contact?
Answer : Our offices are always at your disposal for any eventuality. Send us a photo as well with the damaged package to mail, to that found in our home page.
6) If you encounter any defects in products to delivery what to do?
Answer : If you encounter any defects to the product at the time of delivery, the goods must be withdrawn subject of any complaint and abnormal at the bottom of the transport document, if you treat her deliveries to companies. The opposite to private delivery, the consumer is entitled to withdraw without stating the reason within 14 days. working as from the delivery. In any case, please consult our general conditions of sale.
7) Can be possible to buy by private individuals on our e-commerce site?
Answer : yes it is. It's important to be registered with all own personal details and contacts.
8) Can be possible to trace my shipment?
Answer: Yes it is possible. Infact, after receiving the email confirmation of order, you will also receive the email with your tracking code. So you can know at any time where your Order.
9) Is it possible pay by cash?
Answer : No, you can't. We wanted to avoid the mark as Additional charges. Our payment methods are among the safest methods and used for online sales.
10) Do you have a toll free number through which you can get support?
Answer : we don't have a toll free number, but in case of assistance you can contact us at the numbers on the site, or on Skype: "Pgoplay- System Equipment" during office hours 9-13 15-18.
11) The games are certified?
Answer: On our e-commerce storefront not all games are brand pgoplay. But we can assure you that all the games have been designed and approved according to European standards